Martin is 51 years old, living with his wife and daughter in the Allgäu, Bavaria, Germany. Photography was one of his key interests when he was a boy and long before studying physics at the Technical University of Munich followed by a PhD at Ludwig-Maximilian University, Munich. Optics have been main subject and interest during  his life. In school he processed his own films and monochrome pictures, in the army he was working in the lab processing shooting range film material of a fighter squadron.

In 2013 Martin started his professional career in photography focussing on landscape, travel documentation and special client's projects. He loves images taken in difficult and demanding light situations, e.g. directly into the sun, sunsets & sunrises, at night or inside rooms. 

Offers to direct customers are files up to 200MP (panoramas) or large format prints on canvas, paper, aluminum/metal, glas or other high quality materials.

For commercial use his images can be viewed and sourced via and selected travel documentary via

On Special Projects contracted over a period of time, his deliverables are reports & documentations, documentaries & images in customer requested formats & resolutions. 

The equipment is Canon 5dsr and 5d MKIV cameras and lenses EF24-70mm f/2.8L II USM and EF70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM. The primes are Zeiss high quality lenses Otus 1.4/85mm and Distagon T 2.8/15mm. Tripods, Lee filters, flashes and other accessories are used.


During his former 20 years of business life he was creating, managing and restructuring companies in the industrial computing business world wide. Martin is in depth familiar with departments of sales, project management, supply chain, logistics, quality management and the high level management and restructuring of companies. His work brought him around the globe and he has worked with customers, partners, employees and friends from many different cultures. Until today he travelled to more than 36 countries.